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Android 11+

Understanding Android 11 Changes.

Android 11 modifications

Android 11 introduced changes related to Scoped Storage, which was initially introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

However, the enforcement of Scoped Storage was initiated by Google with Android 11.

Different smartphone manufacturers implement Scoped Storage with varying levels of success, resulting in varying user experiences. Some encounter minimal issues, while others using different phone brands face numerous challenges.

Implications for Aniyomi

Scoped Storage's introduction affects various storage-related functions in Aniyomi. These functions may become slower due to Scoped Storage's inherent latency, as discussed in detail here.

This impact encompasses tasks like deleting chapters/episodes, library loading times, accessing folders outside data directories for downloads and reading, watching, and more.

Enhancing performance

For potential performance improvements, consider utilizing the following ADB command if you are comfortable with it.

adb shell cmd appops set xyz.jmir.tachiyomi.mi android:legacy_storage allow
adb shell cmd appops set xyz.jmir.tachiyomi.mi android:legacy_storage allow

This command grants general storage access to the app, enabling Aniyomi to use the conventional storage access interface.

If using Aniyomi Preview, or a fork, replace xyz.jmir.tachiyomi.mi with the corresponding package name.