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Frequently Asked Questions about Browse.

Why can't I see installed sources?

If the extension language differs from your device's primary language

Enable the source's language at Browse -> Sources, tap on Filter, then turn on the language of the desired source.

If it's an NSFW extension

Navigate to More -> Settings -> Browse and check the Show in sources and extensions list option.

How can I locate a specific series?

At times, locating a source containing the series you want to read can be challenging.

Here are strategies to help you find it:

  1. Search for the series on Google or a database.
  2. Consider alternate spellings or title variations for the series.
    • Retry searching your sources using the alternate titles you discovered.
  3. If you still can't find the series on any source:
    • Search for an extension for the website you found in step 1 within the extensions list.

If you find the series on a specific fansub or aggregator with an extension

Download the relevant extension, locate it under Browse -> Sources, and proceed to search for the series there.

If you find the series on a specific fansub or aggregator without an extension

Check if a request has been made to add the site as an extension here and confirm it's not on the list of extensions that won't be added back.

If it's not requested and not on the exclusion list, you can submit a request here.

For fansubs or aggregators without an online player, you can download the series from their website and set it up as a local series.