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Changelogs of all Aniyomi stable releases, which are also available on GitHub. Preview releases can be seen on GitHub.

Aniyomi v0.15.3.0

The final release with commits from Tachiyomi.

Changes are mainly small bugfixes.


  • new features:
    • new jellyfin enhanced tracker
    • "gpu-next" option in advanced player settings (if you don't know what this is, you probably don't need it)
  • bugfixes:
    • MAL tracking (you need to log into MAL again with this update)
    • start screen setting works properly now


  • fix bug with mangaupdates score
  • fix dot separator between scanlator and progress


  • new features:
    • multi-threaded downloading for anime: this downloads videos that are in mp4 format with multiple connections at once, theoretically increasing the download speed
    • download speed limit: you can set a limit to your download speed, can be useful if your phone gets stuttery or too hot when downloading quickly
    • setting for start screen and moving the manga or updates tab into "more" (is actually an old feature but it's back now)
  • bugfixes:
    • crashes in the kitsu tracker, download queue, extensions screen
  • other minor tweaks:
    • new mpv and ffmpeg versions
    • translation updates
    • player uses mpv's default font instead of the system's
    • when inputting a wrong URL from github for an extension repo, the app tries to convert it into a valid one


  • various bugfixes
  • translations
  • new DoH provider (LibreDNS)

Just install it, it has all the updates from the last 2 years.


  • fix crashing for ALL extensions


  • fix crashing for some extensions


  • update default user-agent and make it configurable

This release just changes the default User-Agent so that Cloudflare sources work a bit better.

The promised actual stable release is coming soon (TM)...


  • many more bug fixes and other improvements
  • automatic tracker status change
  • tweaked theme colours
  • support for mpv as external player
  • fixed fullscreen mode in player for notch phones
  • a lot more, see here:


  • a lot of fixes for app crashes
  • crash reports are sent automatically
  • better error messaging
  • picture in picture mode in the internal player
  • other minor bugfixes and tachiyomi upstream changes


  • some bugfixes that slipped in yesterday:
    • local anime cover changing is fixed
    • ui for clearing the database for every source individually is fixed
  • some player ui optimizations


  • a bunch of bugfixes
  • hls downloading support
  • some ui updates
  • other stuff probably


  • fix restoring backups
  • other minor bugfixes
  • tachiyomi base update


Variant SHA-256
Universal be17c90e9621471caefaa6e4f7077da893b472bd24b2f513f4bbe3cd05d6fc83
arm64-v8a 7075d6cceba12bf635cf86a9ebe39e7a0f0a16b9c1a4dfbd491a1df4872e2b3f
armeabi-v7a 8fcf2ed9620961304571d1cb74bd00386b96a7e43d86696d60c6b953d6e25ea2
x86 0c845062f9370886c889f4a171a600e7485a5ffb1306b13cd48c991dd8d9d92b


  • fix downloads being restarted when pausing
  • add double tap to skip length setting
  • improve cloudflare bypassing
  • fix download progress not updating in some views
  • lots of changes from tachiyomi:

known issues!:

  • temporary download files aren't being deleted! if you cancel downloads often, you need to manually go into the downloads folder and delete those files so they don't take up too much storage.


  • some minor bugfixes
  • tachiyomi base update


  • bugfixes
  • new extensions library under the hood
  • tachiyomi base updates

changes: fixed an embarrassing bug from last update


  • player improvements (no more freezing)
  • fixed backup restore
  • bugfixes
  • tachiyomi base updates


  • update tachiyomi base
  • bugfixes
  • improved settings


  • minor bugfixes
  • update tachiyomi base


  • new preferred external player setting
  • internal player has a cache to reduce intermittent loading
  • new playback options menu in the internal player
  • some bugfixes
  • all new tachiyomi features MD5: c0ce00b4e53860ab4bfa624ddbd546fa


  • external downloader support (1DM is supported "natively", batch downloading doesn't work)
  • some bugfixes (e.g. anime disappearing when sorting by latest, quality not changing in internal player)

MD5: 94036de611e4e285134dec19c4f96fa6


  • bugfixes
  • and other shit

MD5: d3283dedb02b0c88e48b5e7a91ffdb91


  • fix local anime crash
  • fix navigation bar in player -fix anime library sorting

MD5: f355f901dd010eab529419a16f09fc5d


  • a lot of bugs and crashes are fixed. (don't worry though, not all of them are gone)
  • new tachiyomi features
  • animated icon for anime library
  • new extension library (update all extensions!!!)

MD5: 0e4e8daccb60cb00a6c5e4b793eee653


  • fix crash on startup
  • fix mark previous episodes as seen

MD5: 3e686a47bbaa060d26d159cf459dcb5d


  • fix episode sorting
  • added "Yotsuba" theme
  • new library item selectors
  • experimental local anime support
  • fix global update for anime
  • a lot of fixes for bugs and crashes

MD5: a7f29042085a39beceb9510755dcfbde

fix kitsu and other tracking things MD5: 252acd3075cf5ba4e45cbe1a753e2713


  • fix captcha completion not working
  • fix crash in player and library
  • other stuff MD5: 0def50b89fad5f65fa8649e86c89dde7

Aniyomi v0.11.1.3-mi changes:

  • change app name
  • player has experimental quality options
  • a lot of bugfixes and new tachiyomi features

MD5: df9a2dc5cb423d6056a2d61cbabfb8da

support more mime types MD5: 31493f349471f77dd8189c7e6433cc88

fix crash when setting date

MD5: 28c2f078e797bb37cee500c474f55f0c

release v0.11.1.0-mi: changes:

  • merge new tachiyomi features
  • padding and stuff in player overlay
  • more fixed strings
  • add option to open episode internally/externally independently from your default setting

MD5: 9486af5d2272dc10695483cf61451209

  • a lot of bugfixes basically
  • a lot of string values are updated
  • a new overlay in the player that tells you what you're watching
  • new animations when switching tabs in the main menu

MD5: 0eecfe1ec1334a4aa24e2e192189c8dc


  • fix last instead of first episode being used by the fab and cutom download button
  • fix anime download notifications
  • add anime download queue
  • fix crash on tablet
  • fix external player issues with r8

MD5: e3776a5c775b92e047058e86b99441f9

fix some crashes in extensions and global search

MD5: c922a598569ec0035b62f7b1a971019e

fixed some crashes related to material dialogs MD5: 2e6174f7dc19f2ba61cd67a7b27117d2

added downloading, and a bunch of other stuff i forgot MD5: 1329ce88ad830fc67abe304474badb87


release v0.10.12-mi MD5: 4f8f3995cacdfc5a937f322679862fae


MD5: 41005fae20fb07fecd92f0353c89c496