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Local anime source

If you like to download and organize your media, then you want to know how to manage your own anime in Aniyomi.


This page explores some advanced features.

Creating local series

  1. In the location you specified as your storage location (e.g., /Aniyomi/), create a localanime folder. Place correctly structured series inside that (e.g. /Aniyomi/localanime/).

    If adding series in folders it is recommended to add a file named .nomedia to the local folder so images and videos do not show up in the gallery.

  2. You should now be able to access the series in Browse -> Sources under Local anime source.

If you add more episodes then you'll have to manually refresh the episode list (by pulling down the list).

Supported episode formats are .mp4 and .mkv video files.

Folder structure

Aniyomi requires a specific folder structure for local series to be correctly processed. Local anime will be read from the localanime folder. Each series must have a Anime folder. Videos will then go into the Anime folder. See below for more information on archive files. You can refer to the following example:


    Folder[your storage location]/localanime
  • [the anime title]
    • cover.jpg
    • ep01.mp4
    • ep02.mkv
  • ...