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Video player

This section aims to explain what each button in the player does as well as other features. Each button is explain left-to-right then top-to-bottom.

Top Middle Bottom

Top section

Back arrow

Exit the player.

Title and episode text

Top text is the name of the Anime and the bottom text is the name of the episode. Long press to open up the episode list as a pop-up in the player.

Episode list

Will open a list of each episode.


When enabled, the next episode will automatically start playing when the video is finished.

Video chapters

Shows a list of all available video chapters and up selection will seek to selected chapter.

For your information

The icon will only appear if the video contains chapters.

Video settings

Will open a dialog to select Video quality, Subtitle, or Audio. The gear icon will open up a new dialog for additional audio and subtitle settings, which is explained more in Audio and subtitle settings.

More player settings

Some extra settings not found in Player settings

Enable Bolume and Brightness Gestures

Turn on to enable swiping up/down to adjust the player brightness and volume.

Enable Horizontal Seek Gesture

Turn on to enable swiping left/right to seek the video.

Hardware decoding mode

Specify the hardware video decoding API that should be used if possible. See mpv's documentation for more info. Possible values is as follows:

  • HW+ - Slightly better performance than HW, at the cost of not allowing some filters.
  • HW - Uses hardware to decode video, providing better performance and battery effiency.
  • SW - Uses software to decode video, has less performance than HW but comes with better compatibility for older phones.

Toggle statistics page

Show some statistics about mpv, for more information refer to mpv's documentation. The different pages shows:

  • Off - No statistics is shown.
  • Page 1 - Show usual stats
  • Page 2 - Show frame timings
  • Page 3 - Input cache stats

Middle section

Skip previous

Go to the previous episode in the episode list.

/ Play / Pause

Toggle between playing and pausing the video.

Skip next

Go to the next episode in the episode list.

Bottom section

Lock player

Press to lock the player. When in the locked state, tapping on the video will not bring up the player UI, instead only the lock icon will be shown again which will unlock the player when pressed.

Rotate player

Press to rotate the player between landscape and portrait mode.

1,00x Playback speed

Press to increment the playback speed in 0,25x increments. Long press to bring up a slider for more fine adjustments and a wider range of playback speeds.

+85 s Intro skip

Press to go forward +85 s, intended for skipping intros. Long press to change the skip duration.

For your information

Changing the skip length will only affect the current anime.

Cycle view modes Fit to screen

Cycle between different view modes. Possible values include:

  • Fit to screen - Will attempt to best display the video, preserving both aspect ration and every part of the video. May result in black bars around the video.
  • Cropped to screen - Will crop the video so the video takes up all of the screen. Will remove any black bars and preserve aspect ratio, but may result in some parts of the video being cut out.
  • Stretched to screen - Will strect the video so the video takes up all of the screen. Will remove any black bars and preserve every part of the video, but may result in a different aspect ratio.


Press to enable picture-in-picture mode.

For your information

This button will only appear if Enable the use of PiP mode is turned on in More -> Settings -> Player


Seekbar for the player. Left text show the current time and the right text shows the total time. Either can be pressed to show time remaining.


Long press

Long press the player (anywhere but on a button) to bring up an additional menu.

Set as cover

Set the current frame as the cover image of the anime.


Share a screenshot of the current anime along with the anime, episode, and timestamp of the video.


Take a screenshot of the current frame and save it.

Include subtitles Off

When enabled, subtitles will be included in the screenshot when saving.

Horizontal swiping

If Enable Horizontal Seek Gesture is enabled in More -> Settings -> Player, swiping left/right will seek through the video.

Vertical swiping

If Enable Volume and Brightness Gestures is enabled in More -> Settings -> Player, swiping up/down on the right part of the player will adjust the volume and swiping up/down on the left part will adjust the brightness.