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Frequently Asked Question about Downloads.

How do I download multiple chapters/episodes or series at the same time?

The app does not support parallel downloads from a single source to prevent potential IP bans due to excessive requests. While this might impact speed, it's preferable over rendering a source inaccessible.

Note that Aniyomi will download from up to five different sources in parallel.

Why did my downloads stop midway?

Downloads stopping midway may be related to network connection issues or source problems. Aniyomi will provide notifications regarding encountered errors during download attempts.

Why can't I see my downloads?

Downloads might not be detected due to multiple factors:

  • Inaccessibility of the download location.

    Ensure the SD card is properly detected if in use.

  • Source name changes.

    Rename the source's folder to match the new name.

  • Series title modified by the source.

    Adjust the folder title to the updated name.

How do I manage what's downloading?

Navigate to More -> Download queue to interact with queued downloads.

Cancel all items by clicking the Overflow button beside a series chapter or the top right corner.

To reorder the queue, long-press and drag the = icon next to a queue item.

Can I use both internal storage and external SD card storage?

No, you must choose a single location. Internal storage performs better than external SD cards.

Aniyomi typically prevents series images/videos in downloads from appearing in your device's photo gallery by default through a .nomedia file. However, in some cases, this might not function as intended.

A quick solution is to create the .nomedia file yourself, name it as such, and place it in your downloads folder. If the issue pertains to local source, put the .nomedia file in the respective local folder.